Thursday, December 2, 2010

Reindeer, Books, and GIVEAWAYS!!

My car radio presets 1 and 2 have now been set to the Christmas all-day-every-day local stations, and that can only mean one thing...

I'm totally in the Christmas spirit! 

Even more so than in previous years because this will be Evie's first Christmas.  I finally get to experience what my parents experienced when my brother and I were little.  Taking your child to see Santa. Watching their eyes brighten at the sight of the tree all lite up. Staying up until 3 AM on Christmas morning wrapping presents and then being woke up at 5 AM by littles wanting to open them. Holiday shopping in crowded malls and toy stores with a bunch of frustrated parents all looking for that one hard to find toy. Traffic.  Swearing under your breath and the lady who cut the check out line. Retail hell.

Okay so it's not as glamorous as I thought it would be... but I digress.

Evelyn has no idea what's going on.  We are going all out and she won't remember one minute of it.  But I will.  And I really want her first Christmas (and 2nd and 3rd, etc) to be wonderful.

And to kick things off, her uncle Nathan (my brother) came bearing a gift!

Yes that's right - she's a wooly warm reindeer.  Rudolph and his tiny red nosed self ain't got nothin' on my kid!

Tonight is one of the three local Christmas parades, and you better believe we're throwing her in this to keep her warm.  It's going to be like 30 something.  Hello winter!

So, we have been building a collection of books for Evelyn. We started this even before she was born.  And each holiday I try and buy at least one or two books about the holiday to write a message in. So I've been keeping my eyes peeled the last few weeks and...

I found this book:

Baby Elf's Christmas by Jane Cowen-Fletcher

It's adorable!  The illustrations are very cute and the book itself is just so sweet and festive! The baby actually reminds me of a brown-eyed pointy-eared version of Evie.  It's also a board book so it won't be destroyed when she slobbers all over it and chucks it across the room.  We've been reading it to her every chance we get!

I've included a link to it on the left.  It's a very inexpensive book and would make a nice gift for someone with a new baby or for your own little one. It also qualifies for Amazon's Super Savers Shipping.  Can't go wrong there!

Anyways, I'm going to try and list a good gift idea each post I make until Christmas.  Maybe it will help some of you out there with your own need to buy for list!

And lastly... a GIVEAWAY!!

This will require some effort on the part of creative minds!  Here is the deal…

And Evie Makes 3 is a lovely name in my opinion, BUT, eventually… (like in a few years…) there will be 4, and then 5, and hopefully 6 (maybe more!) of us.  And I will not name my hypothetical children Thor, Clive, and Alex for the sake of rhyme. 

So I need a new blog title.  A clever one. A witty one. An awesome one. 

Problem is, all my awesome ideas, well… someone also had them, and had them before I did.  They are all taken.  EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM! 

So I need your help!  I would like a name that embodies my blog.  I'm a mom, I'm learning the ropes of that whole role.  I'm a wife.  I'm a photographer.  I'm a daughter.  I love photographing my life.  I love detail. And now I need a name.
Email me your ideas at  I'm going to give about 2 weeks for entries.  Whoever comes up with the best title for my blog, wins!  I'll be giving away a Thirty-One bag and you'll also be my hero for life.  Sound good?  So go put your thinkin' caps on! 

Got to get going now!  Frosty temperatures, poor souls dressed as Christmas trees, school marching bands freezing their lips off, and a big guy in a red suit on the back of a firetruck awaits! Yipeeeee!


erandles said...

Hi! I found you on here through our drama-filled Aug 2010 BBC board. I love your blog and the pictures you post! :)
...just letting you know! ;)

Klove said...

Your blog is really cute. If I think of a new name for me, I'll email you...but you could always keep it...too.
XOXO. New follower.

Matt & Kelly said...

Thank you guys!!

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