Friday, December 17, 2010

Paw Paws Truck

My dad (Paw Paw) has been talking about giving Evelyn a ride in his truck since the day she was born. 

Evie, if you are a good girl, one day Paw Paw will take you for a ride in his big truck to go get ice cream he tells her.

It's a big loud redneck pickup truck with big wheels that I need a step stool to climb up in.  And it's fun!

Well on Thursday we had a few inches of snow.  More than I'm willing to drive in. I don't do snow.  I was stuck at work and the baby was stuck at the sitters.

Imagine his excitement at the suggestion of picking Evie and I both up and taking us home.

So Evelyn got her first ride in Paw Paws truck.  She would lift her head up and look out the window then turn around and grin at him.

Paw Paw was pretty happy himself.

I guess it was kinda like a good pre-birthday gift, huh dad?

Yea, you knew that was coming!  Happy birthday Dad!!

(I promise. No more speech bubbles for awhile...)

Ack, last weekend before Christmas!  It's crunch time!

1 comment:

truck accessories said...

I'm sure the baby had fun in her first ride of her Paw paw's truck :)

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