Monday, December 13, 2010

Finally... it's a Christmas tree...

Not just a pine growing in the middle of my living room.

Among the many holiday traditions my family shares, none pulls at the heartstrings as much as decorating the Christmas tree. And this weekend, we did just that.

Stringing the lights.  Hanging red ribbon bows from it's branches.  Lights reflecting off colored glass balls. Ornaments reminiscent of past years.  And a beautiful angel to top it off.

Nothing on our tree matches. I don't like themes. It's a hodge-podge of items we've made, collected, randomly purchased, and have been gifted over the years. This year we added a few new ornaments to the tree we found while shopping at a local garden shop.

 A new-baby-ornament for Evelyn and the family ornament that has become a tradition with Matt and I.

And of course, Evelyn's first Christmas s'more hangs happily in the middle of tree.  It has become my favorite.

Digging through the ornaments is like dipping into the past.  We hold them up with comments of "remember when?" and "remember this?" They all come together to form a beautiful collage of our past and present Christmases.  I place the angel on the top of the tree and as Matt turns the lights on, Evelyn's eyes widen to her very first Christmas tree.

For the past 48 hours she has been fixated on the colors and lights, mouth hung open, drooling.  It's a beautiful picture.

And as much as I hate to think about it... there are only 11 shopping days until Christmas.  It makes me shutter.  I have so much to get done.  Where has December gone?

If you are still looking for something special for a woman in your life... a daughter, mother, wife, or maybe yourself for Christmas, I'd like you to check out Sharim Afnan Jewels on Etsy.

I love supporting small businesses and handmade items so featuring some of the products I use myself from Etsy seemed like the natural way to go.

Sharim is a talented artist that makes beautiful and quality beaded jewelry that would satisfy the most classic of taste. I personally own a beaded pearl bracelet from her Etsy shop that has been getting a lot of wear as it goes with most anything and the craftsmanship is such that Evelyn is able to pull, tug, and mouth on it without ruining it.

It's quickly becoming my favorite piece of jewelry. Each piece she creates is unique and beautiful. Head on over to Etsy and see what she has to offer!

Me? I'm going to head on over to my couch... Evelyn and I have some serious tree gazing to do.


Shan said...

Adorable photos... love the story about your tree. We'll be getting ours this weekend (yay!).

And seriously, how did you get your hair to do that?

Matt & Kelly said...

Thanks! Have fun getting your tree!!
How did I get my hair to do what? :) Haha

SAHSHA said...

Your baby girl is darling!!!
My little boy only hears NONONONONOOOOO.. when he gets near the tree. Poor thing. I think he's scared of it now.
-Sahsha's Mummy

Matt & Kelly said...

Aw, well... then you won't have to worry about him ingesting an ornament... next year - when she's mobile - I'm just going to hang cookies from the bottom -- that way - if she eats them, it won't hurt her. Maybe not... I'm sure i ate a few pine needles in my time. :)

Shan said...

In that last photo. I can't tell if you're laying down or sitting up, but either way, your hair has the just flung look while the rest of you doesn't seem to be in motion. Maybe it's just a perspective thing?

Matt & Kelly said...

Shan - oh! Haha I did have my head tilted to the side - and the photo is taken at a slant -- so it does look like it's in motion, haha. It probably was actually. If you look closely you can see that Evie was actually pulling my hair. It's quite painful really, and I was probably trying to pull away. :) I need a haircut.

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