Monday, December 6, 2010

Parades and Tooshie Balancing

Whether you are in NYC on Thanksgiving morning or a little town called Vinton in southwest Virginia on a cold December night… Christmas parades are a sure fire way to get yourself in the holiday spirit. Nothing screams straight-out-of-a-movie-scene-moment like crowding together on the curb of a downtown street while float after float, classic cars carrying pageant winners, Shriner's and clowns, high school marching bands, tap dancers, and baton twirlers make their way past you.

Kids scream to be thrown individually wrapped miniature candy canes and plead for their parents to buy them toys, glow sticks, cotton candy, and cartoon balloons from the men pushing the trolleys around on the sidewalk.  You know these trolleys, packed full of toys that are played with for 2 hours and then are buried in the bottom of the toy box for the next few years, that is, if they don't break first.

Radio stations drive by in their traveling studios providing this "A Christmas Story" style parade some festive theme music.

You half expect to see a group of kids with their faces smashed up against a glass window marveling at a Christmas display of trains and dolls plotting out their letters to Santa... except for kids now-a-days have Amazon Wish Lists that they blackberry email straight to the North Pole. 

And then there is always the one guy you know just had to have pulled the short curly fry...

At least he's smiling about it.

Despite the push for Christmas to become more commercialized and secular, our small town still thankfully displays manger scenes built in pull along trailers. Little's dressed as biblical characters sit within and walk along side shouting "Merry Christmas! God Bless" and "Jesus is the reason for the season!" to those who care to listen.

And when you think it can't get anymore perfect, just as a float full of cheerful itty bitties pass by singing "Silent Night," it begin to snow flurry.

Evelyn took it all in from her daddy's lap. 

The lights, the sounds, the other kids running around, the dogs with lopsided antler caps, the clowns.  She seemed to really enjoy it all despite the frigid temperatures.

She really liked this guy who was more than willing to entertain us and pose for the camera.

We hung around to catch a glimpse of Santa and headed home where we spent the rest of the night thawing out in front of the fireplace and watching Christmas movies.

And Evelyn impressed us all by deciding to sit up on her own. 

And while we are so proud of her, she is very much proud of herself, flashing silly grins when she lets go and balances on her own.

And before I introduce this posts Christmas gift idea, I'd like to say Happy Birthday to my aunt Kathy.  We celebrated yesterday by going out to eat with the family.  We hope you had a wonderful day! We love you!

And this posts item is for all those Lego lovers out there. 

My husband picked these up one day to build and put into Evie's room for the holidays.  My husband is Lego crazy and plans to instill this trait in our daughter.  These little Lego kits would make great inexpensive stocking-stuffers for the kids in the family... or the husbands that act like kids.  Find the tree, snowman,and other Christmas Lego kits by clicking the links below:

LEGO Christmas Tree

LEGO Snowman

We went out and bought our tree this weekend and went walkin' in a winter wonderland... but you'll have to wait to hear more about that next time. In the mean time, here's a sweet smile to keep your
heart warm in these chilly temperatures....

And don't forget about the giveaway going on now!  Click HERE for details!

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Fasting comes after feasting.

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