Sunday, November 7, 2010

So, what time IS it?

I'm sitting on my couch right now with my laptop. My daughter is in her exersaucer squealing at the toys, TV, and the dogs as they run by. My husband is in the floor beside her with a beer, watching some terribly boring documentary on TV. I have a casserole in the oven and a stew on the stove top. Laundry is going and going. Earlier today we made a sad attempt to pick up the place, but we gave in to a Sunday evening of relaxing half way through instead. This is the first Sunday we've had since Evelyn was born that has been like what used-to-be-normal for us.


And I like it.

Friday I took Evie to visit my parents. The original plan was to walk with my mom, but it hailed. Yes, hail. Marble sized hail.

Shame though... we even wore our new tennis shoes!

Crazy cute, right? You know, crazy in a way that a 3 1/2 month old does not need shoes, but so cute, you just have to smile.

So we settled for lounging around in my parents bedroom. Some families migrate to the kitchen, some to the living room, at my parents house, we all tend to gather in their bedroom. I love their bedroom. Cool air circulates from where my mom leaves the windows cracked letting in the smell of the woods surrounding their house. It makes for a perfect nap which my little discovered rather quickly.

I usually plant myself in great granddaddy's old rocking chair or on their bed and talk to my mom as she gets ready for the next day. Eventually she'll flop down on the bed beside me once her clothes are set out for the morning, her jewelery is put away, and her makeup is gone.

She smells like cold cream. I love the smell of cold cream. Reminds me of when she would kiss me before bed when I was little. You never forget those smells.

I bide the time until Matt gets off of work. My dad (PawPaw) comes home before it's time for me to leave, so he gets to spend some time with Evie.

She doesn't mind his rough hands...

He even dug up a gold dollar for her. I loved getting gold dollars from my dad as a kid. I still have them. Dad says they are good luck. I can't argue that. I've been pretty lucky in my life.

And their bedspread has turned out to be the perfect backdrop for touch-of-girl pictures of Evie.

Saturday we went my friend Kristen's Thirty-One-Mary-Kay-Premier-Jewelry party.

I even convinced Matt to tag along. He and Chris set up a tailgate in the drive way while the women inside sipped hot cider, passed babies, and talked girly talk.

Today, however, it's just us. Just my little family. And I like that... no I love that.
Once in awhile it’s nice to be where you are most comfortable, with the people you are most comfortable with, doing nothing but absorbing all kinds of family goodness.

Like these expressions… so many in just a few minutes. Moody, eh?

And of course, the classic I-see-daddy-smile. It's goofy and I love it.

And she finally found out that those piggies taste good.

So as soon as the Thirty-One bag that has been ordered for the give-a-way arrives I will draw the winning follower. I will post the winner in a post so make sure you check back to see if you've won!

I'm amazed at how many people have subscribed in just two days. I'll be honest, I thought 100 was ambitious! Apparently not. In just two days I have over 200. I'm planning another give-a-way already - when my follower count hits 1000. Thank you everyone!

And thank you for the sweet comments. I was giddy this morning reading what some of you ladies had written. Keep them up!

As far as the photography "lessons" - they are officially in the works! I'm setting up the site now and getting together some material that I can pass along to you. I'm thinking it may be as early as next weekend… fingers crossed. I'd like to involve all of my readers as well, having you submit photographs that you've taken using my advice, and then I'll post examples of what you've done.

If there is anything that you’d like to learn, let me know. If you see a photo I've taken and want to know how I achieved it, feel free to email me at and I’ll include it on the site.

I'm getting emails about what camera I use so I'll go ahead and answer that. I shoot with a Canon 30D that I bought about 4 years ago.

But, before you rush out an buy a $1500 camera set up, read my first photo article that will give you some advice on what camera to buy. Bigger is not always better… or necessary. But I'll elaborate more this weekend.


And just out of curiosity, how many of you forgot that it was day light savings?

(Raises hand)

Good thing my husband has his head screwed on tight.


VictoriaButcher said...

i just adore your blog! It makes me smile every time!!

Athena said...

I'm so glad that I found your blog! Your daughter is the absolute sweetest! I forgot daylight savings time too!

Anonymous said...

I realized yesterday at work that I really needed to go home at 4. And WHY? because two days ago, it would actually be 5! Daylight savings time just messes everything up. Wouldn't it be nice to be on Evie's schedule? She doesn't even know the concept of daylight savings, and a nap is a great thing any time of day! :)

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