Thursday, November 18, 2010

A burrito, hold the shell please...


They built one an hour west of us, so, we loaded up and headed that way. The entire way there Evelyn chattered on in her new way of talking… or as we call it:


It’s a mix between the sounds of a rooster, morning voice, and a bit of sing song. Giraffe always gets a front row seat to whatever show Evie puts on in the back seat... that is,when she's not chewing on his head.

When we got there we scoured the car for loose change to put in the parking meter. A quarter, 2 dimes, and few dirty nickels later, we were off to enjoy one of the moments that Matt has been waiting for since we got the news that one was being built.

If my husband ever doubted that I loved him, he should no more. This moment which was suppose to be fabulous, and quick... after all we only had an hour and 45 minutes in the meter... turned out to be not so fabulous after all.

We stood in the extremely tight quarters of this Mexican fast-food joint that he loves so much, surrounded by college students dressed in their dirty wrinkled up sweatpants, with a tired little baby slung on my chest… for over an hour. Matt shifted, groaned, sighed, fidgeted, gave dirty looks to guys 3/4th his age and 3 times his size, and grumbled about how poorly the building was designed, how he didn't understand why college kids wanted to look like they just crawled out of bed, and how slow the workers were building the burritos. Clearly he was hungry.

I just stood there. Blank stares. Bouncing the baby. Back hurting. Hungry. Why on earth anyone would want to stand in line for an hour for fast-food Mexican is beyond me. But it is what it is... and what it is, is something that was sort of a holy grail of the day for my husband. So I dealt. Like a good wife.

We got our burritos and bowls, enjoyed the 45 minutes we had left on our meter, and in the end, we left full and happy. So it was worth it.

And regardless of how awful the initial experience... seeing my husband happy and spending time with my two loves IS fabulous.

Plus I drug him to Target afterwards and dared him to say one word about it. :::wink wink:::

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Anonymous said...

I love your baby-wearing wrap thing! It's so adorable. Where did you get it?

Your writing is amazing too. I love how you add the pictures in there. Amazing!(:

Anonymous said...

Okay - where on earth is this chipotle?? I will also drive an hour for a burrito... mmmmm... yum. :) Good seeing you guys yesterday!

- Kristen

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