Monday, January 10, 2011

We'll be back.

This past weekend was a mess. I mean truly a mess.

After a quick visit to Illinois we started the string of flights home.  Our last leg was cancelled. Spent all day in an airport with an infant.  We were re-booked to a city two hours south of where we live so my dad graciously drove down to pick us up.  Our bags were lost.  We have one bag here and two are floating around in Detroit somewhere. And to top it off, we made a Sunday morning trip to the pediatrician to find out that poor Evelyn has come down with a bad case of Bronciolitis and an infection in her nose. 

So between breathing treatments, antibiotics, clinging to mommy for dear life, freaking out about care for Evie while we are at work, and figuring out how to make do without the essentials that are in what was supposed to be plane side checked baggage, we haven't had a lot of time, thus I've had no time to update the blog.

Truly sorry but life has certainly gotten in the way the past few days. I hope you'll understand and I promise to be back soon.  I have lots of updates to include the next photo lesson.  Sit tight and please pray for a speedy recovery of my little girl and maybe a little downtime for this little family of mine. We could really use it about now.

In the mean time - for all of those who are interested in partaking in the photo assignments... I thought I'd throw one out there! 

Photo Assignment:

I would like for you to photograph how you or how you and your family beat cabin fever!  Please submit a photograph along with a description.  We all have ways to stay sane during these chilly months whether it be braving the cold or staying inside where it's warm, and I'd like to know what those are!  The deadline for this assignment is one week!  Please have the photos submitted to by Monday, January 17, 2011. 

Thank you all!


The Unglamorous Mommy said...

Oh no! I'm sorry that your trip turned to crap. Glad you are home now. Hope Evie feels better! Nothing sadder than a sick baby.

Klove said...

Poor mommy...don't worry, she'll be better in no time. The twins just got over ear infections and bronchitis and it took a few days, but they're back to their normal selves. XOXO

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