Friday, January 21, 2011


We are officially stuck in our winter routine of playing inside, watching movies, bundling ourselves up for that mad dash front the front door to the car door when we are forced to leave the warmth of our home, hitting the snooze button one extra time because the bed is just so much cozier in cold weather, playing in the bathtub until our toes and fingers are pruned, and cleaning and organizing because there just isn't anything else we can do.

Before Evelyn we use to have the if you can't beat it then join it attitude about winter time. We would go skiing, go out for walks regardless of how cold, and do a snow dance in the living room in hopes of a few inches of snow to play in.

Now we scratch our brains for baby friendly ideas to mix it up to spare ourselves the winter blues while we pine for those first signs of spring and maybe a little sunshine until we get there.

So this weekend we celebrated point five.

6 Months. 1/2 a year. What have you.

And we did so in high fashion.

A .5 t-shirt made by yours truly, a tutu, a pair of sneakers...

A huge thank you to Jamie at Sweet Baby TuTus on Etsy for Evelyn's 6 month tutu. She is actually a local Etsy vendor.  Right now she is offering 10% off of your entire order -including her birthday sets - when you using the code: SBTBLOG

Visit her at: Sweet Baby Tutus

I was so unprepared when Evelyn was born at how fast time really does pass by.  Everyone tells you that it does, but that is what they are supposed to say to make you realize what they already know. 

6 months.

She has transformed from a helpless newborn to a little girl full of energy who sits tall, plays with her toys, has two teeth, is currently eating me out of house and home, and can find happiness and excitement in littlest of things.

And if you had told me the day she was born that 6 months would be my favorite age over the itty bitty infant stage, I would have told you that you were crazy, and then I would have cried about it. But it's so true!

I love watching her discover new things, playing with toys rather than just staring at them while drool drips off her face, and her knowing who I am and searching a room over for me.

And boy is she a momma's girl. Ask her daddy. Everyone says little girls are joined at the hip to their daddies. And that may be so, eventually. But for now, she is my hip buddy.

We were, of course, given a clean bill of health at her 6 month check up. He said she seemed happy, healthy, and well, well-fed.

That being said, she is just 2 ounces shy of 18 pounds.

Thankfully her lungs are officially clear and she is back to herself but we are still continuing breathing treatments as a precaution.

She doesn't fight them anymore, in fact she helps, until she falls asleep.

Thank you everyone for your get well emails and messages for little Evelyn!

Speaking of Evelyn, she is currently banging her head against the ground yelling momma at the top of her lungs.

Seriously, I think she is having a tantrum.

I guess that is my cue to get going!  Til' next time...


Tammy said...

That is the cutest idea!! She is a beautiful little girl! When did she turn 6 months? Madelyn turned 6 months on Jan 2nd. I love the pictures you take. They are amazing!
Happy Birthday 1/2 Evelyn!!!!

Matt & Kelly said...

Tammy, she turned 6 months on January 15th. Thank you so much! It was alot of fun. I think we may always celebrate 1/2 birthdays to break up winter routine. A few cupcakes and some pizza... :)

Tammy said...

How fun!!

M. said...

I agree, what a cute idea. I might have to do this in April when my little lady is 6 months old.

Evie is so photogenic, you really have a gorgeous little gal there!

Jamie said...

The pics turned out great! So cute!

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