Sunday, February 27, 2011

Photo Dump: February Edition

It's a beautiful day here in SW VA. I'm talkin' the feels like springs a 'comin' kind of day. While I hate to wish time away, I'm glad we'll be welcoming March this week as it's the gateway to spring and all the good times and great memories that you discover in warm weather.

But before we close the book on February, I thought I'd do a photo dump of sorts for this past month. Really, all the things I didn't get around to posting on the blog.


Valentine's Day

And love filled our home. Our favorite sushi joint for dinner and a gift and card exchange at home.

And Matt had a cake made for me in the shape of a box of chocolates with a sugar cookie on the side for Evelyn. Sweet, huh?

And it's become a tradition to get Evelyn' a book with a message in it from her Daddy and I for all holidays, special events, just because, etc.  So for Valentines Day we got her "How Do I Love You?" by P.K. Hallinan.  So super cute. Highly recommended!


...are still going well. For all of us.

Crawling going even better. This child is into everything with her inch-worm-style-speed-crawling. Found out that our home is absolutely not baby friendly and in need of some serious baby proofing.


.... have become our sanctuary.

Being a family and doing all those familyish-type outings rocks!


...looks great on her. But looking at this picture reminds me that I totally need to trim her nails.

New Work Space

I have relocated from the hard-back-aching-toy-infested living room floor to the more comfortable office with a swivel chair and a desk. More on this later. I just had to mention because I'm so excited about it. This means blogging will be so much easier and I'm sure more frequent!


We are back from our trip to Tennessee where we spent a few days with my best friend Taryn. See her birthday post if you don't know who I'm talking about.  This trip earns it's own post (or two!) because, yea, it was that good.

If you JUST can't wait to see what we did or some photos of the trip. Check out Taryn's blog What a Beautiful Mess where you can read all about it!  Otherwise, sit tight - photos will be up this week.

Baby is stirring from her nap and outside is a 'callin.  Have a wonderful last few days of February!


Christina J. said...

Looking forward to seeing the Tennessee photos! Mark and I are talking about a Tennessee trip this summer. Noah has been pouring over the maps. He wants to go to Memphis, Nashville, the mountains ... the list goes on an on! :) We'll let you know when we plan to go in case we can meet up. :)

Matt & Kelly said...

Great!! Def let us know when you come because we live about 4 hours from the mountains! You guys should rent a cabin in the Smokey Mountains and check out Dollywood and/or Gatlinburg!

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