Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Tour de Park

Where have we been you ask?  Enjoying the wonderful pre-spring weather at the park probably.  Mid-70 degree weather, a blanket in the grass, and a baby swing can pretty much sum up our free time the last week and a half.

Here is probably unhealthy overdose of photographs from our Tour de Park.

Park with Mommy

The complex we live has a little park with a small jungle gym and slide area and happens to have one baby swing.  After work if its nice, Evie and I take stroll down to the park and play around on the blanket with toys and swing until about the time Daddy gets home.

Park with Mommy and Daddy

Daddy joins us on the weekend.

Park with Grandma and PawPaw

Last Sunday we met up with my parents for lunch before heading to a park I used to frequent as a kid. Only so much has changed since I last played there. Evelyn hung out by the swings with her pawpaw while Matt and my mom tossed the football around.

Simple memories. Simple post. Hope everyone is enjoying a break in weather. It's almost spring!

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BrownFamily said...

Beautiful pictures! I'm in Id and it's been in the 50's and we think that's warm ;) I have a rebel xsi and was wondering how you take such nice shots outside in bright sunlight. I took my girls to the park the other day and was so excited to have natural light. I put it in Manual and got terrible glare..with some editing they were ok but still washed out. Any tips?! Thanks!

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