Monday, October 25, 2010

The Dreaded First Post...

I'm making an attempt to re-enter the world of blog. I need something therapeutic and I figure since I'm not using my English degree for anything else, I may as well use it for myself… at least as long as I'm still paying for it. I have never been very good at the first post of a new blog. In my mind I feel that I should be standing up and giving my name and brief history of why I'm here, much like an AA meeting, but for fellow blog addicts. I admit, I'm a sucker for a good blog. Something about reading what other women have to say about life seems to make me feel better about my own. I say that not with the suggestion that my life is any better than anyone else’s, but rather reading what others have to say about their own lives… and children… and husbands… and parents, work, vacations, holidays… and laundry piled a mile high on the couch begging to be put away before the little dog digs a nest in the t-shirt stack… that makes me feel more normal. That life is fair, because there are others like me, going through the same things whatever that may be.

So, because I've already admitted my weakness for creative first blog posts, and because thinking of some other way to kick this off would result in me staring at a blank screen, typing and then backspacing umpteen times, and having small panic attacks over wasting two hours that could be spent holding my little, I'll stand up and introduce myself.

I'm Kelly and I'm a wife and a mommy. I work outside of my home but I desperately want to be a stay home mom. I love photography... and I love my family.

That's about it. So...

For now, I leave you with the picture that stretches my computer desktop screen right now.

Oh that little girl is just totally in love with her hands… I guess I kind of am too.

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